Our main focus is to create the ideal custom jewelry buying experience for our clients and their customers.


In 1997 our parent company became one of the first jewelry stores to ditch brick and mortar and join the e-commerce revolution. As our beloved wedding band shop expanded over the decades, we continued pioneering technologies that benefited our customers. As our team grew, so did our innovation. We set out to solve one of the greatest problems in the jewelry industry: buying and selling custom pieces.

Today, we have teams of experts in software, hardware, manufacturing, sourcing, and more. Using the latest technologies available, we are dedicated to pushing the envelope and developing tools that make selling custom jewelry easier for everyone. We love the experience we have crafted so far, and we can't wait to show you what's next.

The Experience Matters

We provide two experiences with one software: one for our jewelers, and one for their customers.

The Jeweler: Creating custom jewelry should be easy, efficient, and affordable. We provide a collaborative partnership to ensure your success every step of the way.

The Customer: Buying custom jewelry should be fun, convenient, and high quality. We provide fast design, manufacturing, and even instant quoting tools that will not only satisfy but surpass customer expectations.


Ready to Create Your First Piece?