How It Works

Start closing more custom sales with the SmithBox family of tools

The custom jewelry software with everything you need, and nothing you don't.

Custom HQ

Communication and Job Tracking

Now that your customer is excited about their design, enter all their job details, pictures and instructions in Custom HQ: your hub for all custom jewelry information and communication.

In Custom HQ you can:

  • Create a design card to house all your client's specific details and instructions, all in one place.
  • Upload photos or attach links to your jobs so you can easily find them later.
  • Communicate with your dedicated account managers for all your custom needs.
  • See the progress of all your custom jobs at a glance; including where they are in the design and manufacturing process.

First-Class CAD and Renderings

Upon submission approval, our expert designers will bring your piece to life. Blow your customers away with the speed of our design and the photo realistic quality of our renders

CAD and Render

High Quality Manufacturing

We know your customer wants that ring on their finger as quickly as possible. Once the customer has approved their design, we'll create your custom piece right here in the United States.

Smithbox provides everything you need to close your sale in one convenient place.