SmithBox Custom Jewelry Builder FAQ



1. Does SmithBox offer just-in-time manufacturing for my commonly-sold items?
2. Does SB have a catalog of pieces we can order from?
3. What melee quality is used in SB pieces?
4. How do I quote a piece with unique melee shapes or materials?
5. How do I add markups on cost estimator?
6. Do you have a price list of your materials and services?
7. Can you use my materials (like melee) instead of SB materials?
8. Can you create sample pieces for my displays?
9. Do you offer wholesale repair services?
10. What type of warranty does SB offer?
11. Does SmithBox offer returns?
12. What payment terms does SmithBox offer?
13. Can SmithBox engrave my brand onto my rings?
14. Does this affect delivery times?
15. Does this incur a charge?
16. Where does SmithBox manufacture?
17. Who manufactures for Smithbox?
18. Does SmithBox manufacture in-house?
19. How large is SB’s manufacturing staff? How many jewelers?
20. Can the SmithBox app use my logo instead of the SB logo?
21. Can I purchase just CADs w/o renders for a decreased price?
22. What’s the price to purchase CADs w/o renders?
23. Do I receive the CAD files with the manufactured piece?
24. Can I request the CAD files with the manufactured piece?
25. Can SmithBox re-render designs on my website for me?
26. Will SmithBox render my logo onto my daily designs?
27. Will SmithBox manufacture files I have?